[Foundation-l] [Advisory board]: appeal for members suggestion

florencedevouard anthere at anthere.org
Tue Nov 7 13:03:55 UTC 2006

A few months ago, the board of the Foundation passed a resolution 
regarding the creation of an advisory board.

You will find the copy of this resolution at the end of this message for 
your information.

Time has come to populate this advisory board.

This has been discussed a few times already on this list, but now, what 
we would like from you is to be more specific. We welcome your input on 
who should be approached to be added to the advisory board. Please be 

If you have a name to suggest, please
* Send it by email at my address (fdevouard #AT# wikimedia.org), and 
keep the subject line (for email sorting purpose)
* Mention the name of the person
* If possible, add a couple of links to this person biography (for 
famous people, Wikipedia will do :-), for less famous, Wikipedia might 
do as well..., for others, blogs, personal websites, user page...)
* shortly (few short sentences at most), the reason why you think this 
person would bring to the organisation (try to be specific)
* the cream of cream would be to add a contact (email for example)

I'll report these suggestions on the board wiki, and these will be 
discussed during our next (irl) board meeting end of november.

Thanks in advance



THE litterature

Whereas the board considers that an advisory group could be a tremendous 
complement to the effectiveness of the official board of directors, 
committee and staff

It is hereby resolved that: the board of directors agree to create an 
advisory board to serve as a valuable complement to the staff and the 
board of directors. The advisory board is a group of individuals, 
appointed by the board of directors for the purpose of offering advice 
and support on a wide range of issues relevant to Wikimedia Foundation. 
These issues are likely to include areas such as partnerships, public 
relations, financing, technology, administration, international matters 
and more.

Appointments: Appointment should be done with a majority of support from 
members of the board of trustees. Appointments should be planned to 
implement a well-balanced advisory board that should be used effectively 
to bring a number of important benefits, among them: Contacts, 
Expertise, Perspective, Prestige, Strategic Input, Financial Investment.

Duties of the Advisory Board: The advisory board will not generally get 
involved in issues that involve the administration of the non-profit 
organisation and should, as a rule leave such matters to the board 
(governing board). However, it will up to the board and the advisor, to 
agree the range and extent of duties to be performed by the advisor. 
Every advisory board member should have a charter of what they’re 
expected to bring to the organisation.

Compensation: Advisory board members will not be financially compensated 
for their activity.

Length of Service: Advisors will be appointed by the board of Trustees 
for one year, renewal being possible.

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