[Foundation-l] Is there a Foundation preferred license?

luke brandt shojokid at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 07:20:47 UTC 2006

Hi, Does the Foundation have any preference for a particular open
content license, eg GFDL ? Or is it strictly neutral on this 'legality'
I just saw some thought seems to have been given to this question:-

[ Bylaws of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.


The general purpose and objectives of the Foundation shall be the
following: Wikimedia Foundation is dedicated to the development and
maintenance of online free, open content encyclopedias, collections of
quotations, textbooks and other collections of documents, information,
and other informational databases in all the languages of the world that
will be distributed free of charge to the public under a free
documentation license such as the Free Documentation License written by
the Free Software Foundation Inc. at http://www.fsf.org or similar
licensing scheme, see http://www.wikimedia.org. The goals of the
foundation are to encourage the further growth and development of open
content, social sofware WikiWiki-based projects ... ]

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