[Foundation-l] Arbitration on fr : Picture of cannabis on a user page

Rémi Kaupp korrigan at agat.net
Tue Feb 7 22:12:06 UTC 2006

Dear Foundation people,

I have a request from the arbitration committee on fr.wikipedia. It is 
visible on 
(in French, I can translate bits if needed). 

Basically, User:Zippo has put an picture of a cannabis flower in a quite 
large size on his user page. User:Traroth started this RfAr on the basis 
that in many countries, incitement to consumption of such drugs is 
prohibited. I decided to put the image in a folding box while the 
arbitration is going on.

The problem that we (the French ArbCom) are not competent for legal matters 
and would really like some advice from the Foundation on this topic. The 
question comes down to : "Is a user allowed to show a cannabis picture on 
his user page ?"

Thank you,

Rémi Kaupp

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