[Foundation-l] Re: Relaunch Chinese Wikinews poll?

Sérgio Ribeiro sr.ribeiro at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 01:02:15 UTC 2006

I guess that in the USA, cell phone companies are like a big evil vampire.
But by what I see I think that some cell phone companies in Europe, or at
least in Portugal, would help something like this for free. At least for
their clients, like a "CellPedia" free service.

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On 2/6/06, Lars Aronsson <lars at aronsson.se> wrote:
> Erik Moeller wrote:
> > Very true. You will remember the "Mobile Audio Wikipedia"
> > project that aims to bring Wikipedia articles (in spoken form)
> > to cell phones, for free (with support from governments,
> > corporations and foundations). This would be one way to improve
> > access for people who don't have access now, and fairly
> > uncontroversial. This is something which could be tackled by the
> > Special Projects committee, provided it is sufficiently open and
> > agile.
> I beg to disagree!  Asking money from foundations (money that
> could be used to help the poor, or other good purposes) and
> feeding this money into cell phone companies (which do nothing for
> free) should be *very* controversial.  We built the Internet to
> rid us from the evil phone companies, not as a way to feed them.
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