[Foundation-l] Re: [Wikinews-l] Relaunch Chinese Wikinews poll?

Jimmy Wales jwales at wikia.com
Sun Feb 5 04:22:28 UTC 2006

I would strongly support doing a new set of polls but before we do we
need to work out exactly what we are asking the community to decide, and
what the parameters of the decision will be.

The decision not to start Chinese Wikinews was, in my view, one which
the community took out of respect for the strength and openness of
Chinese Wikipedia, and the (valid) concerns of that community.  Things
have changed now, of course, and it is good to reassess.

What I'm personally looking for is broad support from both the Chinese
Wikipedia community *and* from the entire community before we start it.

Some Chinese Wikipedians may believe that the block will be lifted if we
continue the current strategy.  They would presumably argue that now is
the *worst* possible time to open Chinese Wikinews.  Others will argue
that "Well, we're blocked anyway, might as well go for it."

Anything we do should be thoughtful about what those community members need.


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