[Foundation-l] new site notice now ready

Gianluigi Gamba gigamb at tin.it
Thu Dec 28 11:20:32 UTC 2006

The agreements have been signed and the Wikimedia Foundation must oblige 
to their terms.

Should a similar operation be carried out in a future, I'd seriously 
reconsider the presence of the logo (certainly the feature the 
donor/advertiser most wants).

The logo is more visual and intrusive - that's what it's designed for - 
and conveys the idea of a partnership with Wikimedia that can seriously 
influence the neutrality of the content. The risk of such an influence 
is what is setting up many users - no matter how loud we scream that 
Wikimedia projects won't be affected. They will anyway be, either by the 
self-censorship or by the over-criticism of the editors.

Finally a personal bitter note: as a steward I feel like an 
"apparatchik" who is bringing down the directives from the top.
It's not a role I like. I already do that somewhere else for living, but 
it's something I'm regularly paid for.

Bye all,
G. (aka Paginazero)

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