[Foundation-l] new site notice now ready

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 11:03:37 UTC 2006

Gatto Nero schreef:
> 2006/12/28, Erik Moeller <erik at wikimedia.org>:
>> On 12/28/06, Gatto Nero <gattonero at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> There is a huge difference between "thank a donor for what it did" and
>>> "put a commercial logo in Wikipedia home-page".
>> 1) Virgin Unite is the non-profit arm of Virgin. It's a charitable
>> organization listed in directories such as GuideStar.
> The logo is a big dot with Virgin Inside: no matter if there is a big
> "Unite" under it, it publicize Virgin.
>> 2) Please explain what exactly the difference between visual and
>> textual identification of a donor is, in your opinion.
> First of all, textual identification is less intrusive.
> Second of all: marketing works with logos. There's a reason why a logo
> is so important for the life of a company.
> Try to think to the Apple of Apple. Or the stilized Windows of
> Microsoft Windows. Think about how important is the Brand of
> Coca-Cola, used everywhere.
> "Visual" is more influent than text. If you take a look to recent
> music videos, you'll see a lot of "not-so-hidden" spot of mobile
> phones with logo really visible.
> It's not that difficult to understand.
It is also not so difficult to understand that we could do so much more 
if we had more money. The philosophical question is what does hurt us 
more in achieving our aims. I do know of so many things we could do and 
do not because of a lack of funding that is partly the result of this 
aversion to collaborating with other organisations.

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