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Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> On 12/14/06, Alphax (Wikipedia email) <alphasigmax at gmail.com> wrote:
>> these people
>> deserve recognition and reward for making this available, but on the
>> other they put these illegal and immoral usage restrictions on it.
> Just to interject a contrasting view here:
> What they have released are modern editions.
> These are not the Mozart manuscripts.
> These differ in material ways from the manuscripts.
> You may not agree that the changes are deserving of a new copyright,
> but that they are appears to be reasonably well established and
> accepted. So if you're going to rant about immoral activities, don't
> single out these people... it's a practice of the entire sheet music
> industry at least these people are allowing more liberal availability
> of the scores.

Ahh, the press releases and other hype had failed to make that clear.

> If you'd like, I can upload some Mozart manuscript images to commons
> tonight. They are difficult to read and, until we have lilypond
> support in wikisource, I don't see them as being especially useful.
> At least Mozart manuscripts are available and we can make our own
> transcriptions (well, once we have lilypond support...). There are
> other composers where all the possibly PD copies have been lost or
> locked away.

Yes, it wasn't /just/ the Mozart Foundation who I was thinking of.

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