[Foundation-l] Welcome to our three new board members

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Fri Dec 8 17:03:04 UTC 2006

On 12/8/06, florencedevouard <anthere at anthere.org> wrote:
> Dear Community,
> A few days ago, I wrote you a "short" email to give you feedback on the last board meeting, which occured in Florida. Reference: http://mail.wikipedia.org/pipermail/foundation-l/2006-December/011869.html
> As I promised, we welcome today 2 new board members, whom most of you already know, Mindspillage and Oscar (also known irl as Kat Walsh (us citizen, lady), Oscar van Dillen (dutch citizen, gentleman). Welcome to you both.

I would like to know it before ... as we were informed about Patrick
Brad as coming interim ED. Well, Promotion subcom will be working to
update [[Wikimedia:Board of Trustees]] properly? Or new borad members
would like to edit it directly for now? Or it will appear after
December 15?

I put a brief note on the Home. Copyediting will be appreciated.

Well, and I would like the Board to give us priorities for
translators, since around December 15, we have several things need to
manage including:
- Information about new board
- Fundraising
- Audited (and huge) ducuments, perhaps need a PDF editor
- Disclaimer (translation ongoing)

If we have a sorted list on the items above, I will be more than happy
and expect we translators can work the most effectively ... when we
are back (now 2:02 am, I go to bed now ......)

KIZU Naoko
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