[Foundation-l] Introducing a new mailing list

Corum O' Fallamhain corumsmail at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 23:42:34 UTC 2006

I've noticed that quite a few people here (I won't name names) accuse anyone
who dislikes the idea of a seperate ML of being sexist and bigoted, or at
the very least, "dismissive of women's concerns". Allow me to point out that
from my perspective anyway, you (the people that are coming up with a
sex-segregated list) are being sexist (and not only against men, but also
against their very own gender), not me. To suggest that to want discussion
to take place solely in an unsegregated forum is sexist is completely
upside-down. I think that a lot of feminists would be appalled by the fact
that some women seem to think that the best way of dealing with sexism is to
go hide away in some seperate discussion form. To but it quite bluntly: I'm
on the side of gender equality: you (Wikichix founders) are not. To seperate
the "poor, gentle womenfolk" from the rest of the community is part of the
same tradition that brought us sex-segregated universities, becuase after
all, it was common knowledge back then that women were poor, gentle, but
also unfortunately rather feeble-minded creatures who wouldn't be able to
handle the more rigourous real academic world. You people who want a
segregated forum are embarassingly playing up to extremely sexist, 19th
century Victorian stereotypes. As someone who believes in true equality,
this idea for a ML genuinely offends me. It is as though you feel that women
are not capable of discussing things in the same environment as men. Which
is quite ridiculous: of course you can.

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