[Foundation-l] Introducing a new mailing list

Christophe Henner christophe.henner at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 01:17:33 UTC 2006

Creating a gender-free list isn't a way to solve the problem, it's
just a way to run from it. Gender bias isn't only on the ml but on
projects, so what's the next step? Making a gendre free project?

There's a problem, I must say I never noticed it before this thread,
and since I 've readen this thread, I've looked for bias. And in fact
I found many, especially in a RfA, where the contributors had comments
a male would never had...

We are a comunity, and we have comunities problemes. Now it's about
gender, I'm pragmatic, I don't think it would change in an instant. In
fact it won't change in wikipedia till it doesn't change in real life.
It's really sad to say a such thing, but I do think it's true. So, we
must keep on speaking about this problem, but if female wanna have a
restricted mailing list, why not, the only thing I'd like is not to
open it only to female, let everyone be on this list, but ban those
who make seixsts comments.

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