[Foundation-l] Vandalism and small wikis

Darko Bulatovic mail at itam.ws
Sat Dec 2 05:21:52 UTC 2006

Ray Saintonge wrote:
> I don't think that Yann was expressing anger.  His suggestion to use the 
> sh.wikipedia was a constructive one.  Of Montenegrin, Serbian, Albanian, 
> and Bosnian mentioned above most people outside of the Balkans would see 
> only Albanian as different enough from the others to merit being called 
> a language.  To say that this issue will affect half a million people 
> (by which I assume you mean the entire population of Montenegro) is 
> overly dramatic; most of those people will just carry on normally with 
> their lives no matter how the arguments here are resolved.
> The five of us who have so far participated with you in this discussion 
> are from five different countries (none of which is Serbia), and five 
> different native languages.  I have seen three of the others regularly 
> participate in discussions about language, so I would pay attentiont 
> their opinions even when I don't agree with them. 
> If you really want to do things for the Montenegrin language you could 
> do better than argue in favour of the correlation  between nation and 
> language.  Begin by giving references to existing Montenegrin dictionary 
> and grammar books, showing Montenegrin words in Wiktionary and how they 
> differ from other Serbo-Croatian languages, show us the important 
> differences in Montenegrin grammar, or.add important out-of-copyright 
> books by Montenegrin authors to Wikisource.
> Ec

Thank you for showing you interest in this, Yan just showed to me( and 
some of others) that they don't have a clue what they talk about. And 
that producing a anger that is not provoked by anything from my side. 
The committee has made decision that is on hand to Serbian 
clero-nacional-shovinism that I think you all know about in close 
history of Sloboan Miloshevic. I have asked people here to explain their 
opinion (and still waiting committee to give official one).

I think that my statement is not over dramatic, as you will see when 
this come to media.
In which way some people act as judges but dont even bother to take time 
to gather evidence from both sides. I have called many times but no one 
event tried to go deeper in this.

Some people here just comment (and after dont wish to elaborate)they 
dont give any constructive element to this discussion.

your idea here is not possible from many reasons.
- Montenegrin language exists. Allmost 200.000  people stated that they 
talk Montenegrin language and 650.000 are affected by it.
- Montenegrin is part of South Slavic languages that includes: 
Bulgarian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian.

Montenegrin has specifics that differ from others(closer group Serbian, 
Croatian, Bosnian) in many was. Some time from 10-30% and from 
Slovenian. Macedonian, and Bulgarian much more.

I see I got commented on serbian mailing list:
????????? ?? ??????? ????? ???  
"??????????????". ???? ? ?? ??????  
??????, ? ?? ?????? ???? ?????????  
?????? ????????. ????? ????... ???  
????? ?????? ????, ? ?????? ?? ????  
???? ???? ? ????????. ?????? ?? ????  
???????. ??????? ?? ???????  
??????????? ????? ???? ??? ????????  
?? ??????, ?????? ??? ? ???????? ??  
???, ?????????? ???????..., ? ????? ??  
????? ?? ????? ??????, ??? ? ?????....  
????? ?????? ???? ????? ???? ???????  
?? ????????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?????  
???????? ??????????? ????????... ?  
??????????? ?????? ???????  
?????????????.  ????? ?? ?? ?????,  
??????? ?'? ????????. :)
Djukanovic is spiritual leader of that "new-montenegrins". In same way 
he talk shit, and that he is not even see what stupidity he talks. Good 
for them... when they have that kind of leader, and to majority  is 
worst than in  Albania. Kosovo comes to them as America. Shiptars (It 
could be called as mocking name to Albanian people) seeling them 
humanitartian help which they get on Kosovo, they even buy a medicaments 
from them, smuggled of course. And here they are dicky that they have a 
nation, and now language....
Fuck nation which people waiting Bus from Shiptaria (Albania-Kosovo 
maybe - mocking), that driver will smuggle them aspirins. In meantime 
that Dog become multimillionaire . They are stupid like Penis or maybe 
better like  VIBRATOR

That kind of fascism you are supporting? You call us to participate with 
this kind of people? You are insane. It is quite obvious who is 
political motivated here.

Darko Bulatovic

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