[Foundation-l] Vandalism and small wikis

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sun Dec 3 02:35:10 UTC 2006

Darko Bulatovic wrote:

>I see I got commented on serbian mailing list:

>??????? ?'? ????????. :)
>Djukanovic is spiritual leader of that "new-montenegrins". In same way 
>he talk shit, and that he is not even see what stupidity he talks. Good 
>for them... when they have that kind of leader, and to majority  is 
>worst than in  Albania. Kosovo comes to them as America. Shiptars (It 
>could be called as mocking name to Albanian people) seeling them 
>humanitartian help which they get on Kosovo, they even buy a medicaments 
>from them, smuggled of course. And here they are dicky that they have a 
>nation, and now language....
>Fuck nation which people waiting Bus from Shiptaria (Albania-Kosovo 
>maybe - mocking), that driver will smuggle them aspirins. In meantime 
>that Dog become multimillionaire . They are stupid like Penis or maybe 
>better like  VIBRATOR
>That kind of fascism you are supporting? You call us to participate with 
>this kind of people? You are insane. It is quite obvious who is 
>political motivated here.
I have no reason to question your translation.

A person who carried on in this way in an English language project would 
very soon be criticized severely, and some would demand some kind of 

To me this quotation by itself is a strong argument against the separate 
projects.  As much as this attitude may thrive in a closed community of 
like-minded people, I'm sure that it would not be well received in a 
combined serbo-croatian project.  It is clearly not a Neutral Point of 
View.  It is arguably more difficult to maintain neutrality in a small 
wiki.  It is more likely to pursue the neutrality of the minority than a 
broader neutrality because most outsiders simply don't understand the 
language, and if the few that do have their own separate wiki there is 
no incentive to do so.  A combined project that would force these people 
to get along and work at solving their differences would benefit NPOV.

As Wikipedia grows this can have severe long-term implications about the 
application of NPOV.


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