[Foundation-l] Vandalism and small wikis

Yann Forget yann at forget-me.net
Fri Dec 1 18:03:28 UTC 2006


Darko Bulatovic a écrit :
> Yann Forget wrote:
>>Darko Bulatovic a écrit :
>>>That is very specific case, As in Switzerland live Italians, Germans and 
>>>Franks. In Montenegrin case in Montenegro lives 45% Montenegrin s, 35% 
>>>Serbs, Albanians, Bosnnjaks,...
>>>On other cases those countries was colonies of mayor European empires.
>>There is nothing specific about that. The examples given by Sabin e is
>>perfectly valid. The problem is that you don't want to admit it.
>>>Thank you for joining discussion,
>>>Darko Bulatovic
> Yann,
> How much do you know about this? You are angry at me Yann? That I called 

I am not angry.

> you to not make assumptions? Your assumptions affect half of million 
> people Yann. I hope that you relise that, as  I don't really understand 

Do you realize that what you ask affects the whole of Wikimedia?

> you. Sabin did at least showed  her point of view  here, and you just 
> make comments without any argument.

Why do I need to argument? Did you listen to arguments made by others?

> Regards,
> Darko Bulatovic

As Geni said: "Enough to ask questions. In this case the relivant
question is what is the general view of the experts in the field?"



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