[Foundation-l] Using someone's real name instead of his wikiname

Walter van Kalken walter at vankalken.net
Mon Aug 21 11:02:52 UTC 2006

>>wikipedia like Ahoerstemeier can attest that waerth co-operates in a
>>fine manner.
>Then I assume you have never told Ahoerstemeier that he should not be
>editing pages on Thailand, I assume?
Why should he or you not edit? Neither of you have ever added false 
information. Wikix has and Muijz has removed relevant info.

>They edit many articles, and the only time that that is considered a
>provocation, is by you when they edit on Thailand. Apparently there is
>not just an issue with them, there is an issue with you as well.
>>And then to be even
>>more provocative use someone's real name which means that someone's real
>>name gets slaundered all over the internet.
>Apparently it's okay when you or someone who you like does it, but if
>it's someone you don't like, it's suddenly an act of vandalism that
>should be punished with a block. Maybe he's done it before, and maybe
>you have told him not to do so, I cannot find that, but I can find
>that the connection between your nick and your real name is currently
>7 or 8 times on Wikipedia, with none of them created by Wikix, but
>instead by Tlc, Walter, Steinbach, Flyingbird, yourself (3 times) and
>me in discussion with Verrekijker. None of these seem to have been
>considered provocations by you.
Well in that case I will have a look and remove the instances. Muijz is 
not using my full name but my family name. Which means that after it is 
taken up by google these accusations that Muijz makes can be pertained 
to any member of my family. Which means that he is slandering them all 
and adding them to a personal fight he has with me. If Muijz wants to 
attack me with all kinds of insults on wikipedia he can be me guest. By 
using my familyname he is insulting my whole family not just me. and 
mind you there is 3 people in my family with my firstname. So adding my 
first name will not solve that. And with your redenation I can publish 
Muijz full name and his history anywhere as he has made a website about 
himself and his very particular history. Because it is widely known and 
he has told about it on wikipedia on talkpages. Just because he has done 
so doesn't give me the right to do this, neither does he have the right 
in a discussion between user:Waerth and user:Muijz to all of a sudden 
draw my complete family in the conflict.


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