[Foundation-l] Using someone's real name instead of his wikiname

Andre Engels andreengels at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 11:44:27 UTC 2006

2006/8/21, Walter van Kalken <walter at vankalken.net>:

> Why should he or you not edit? Neither of you have ever added false
> information. Wikix has and Muijz has removed relevant info.

Well, I have made mistakes too. Corrected them of course when I
realized it was a mistake (except for one, which I'm going to do
immediately after this post), but I have written them. And I have
removed material from pages too. Probably the one who put it there
found it relevant, otherwise s/he would not have put it there. So
block me.

> Well in that case I will have a look and remove the instances.

So are you going to call for our blocking too?

> Muijz is
> not using my full name but my family name. Which means that after it is
> taken up by google these accusations that Muijz makes can be pertained
> to any member of my family. Which means that he is slandering them all
> and adding them to a personal fight he has with me.

No, of course not. He is saying it's a Van Kalken. Everyone will
realize that there is more than one of them and that his criticism is
just to one. And also, you earlier said it's an issue of privacy.
Disclosing your full name would be more breaking privacy than just
your last name, no? If someone calls me 'Andre', I assume people are
clever enough to realize that I am meant, and not every Andre on the
whole planet.

> And with your redenation I can publish
> Muijz full name and his history anywhere as he has made a website about
> himself and his very particular history. Because it is widely known and
> he has told about it on wikipedia on talkpages. Just because he has done
> so doesn't give me the right to do this, neither does he have the right
> in a discussion between user:Waerth and user:Muijz to all of a sudden
> draw my complete family in the conflict.

And you're completely right if you would just ask your real name or
family name to be kept out of this. But you're not. You're asking for
Muijz to be blocked because of his trolling and vandalizing behaviour
of naming your whole name. Just remove the name and add a *friendly*
notice that you would not like him to do that. That would have been a
lot more effective and a lot less conflictuous than what you have done

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