[Foundation-l] Using someone's real name instead of his wikiname

Andre Engels andreengels at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 10:41:24 UTC 2006

2006/8/21, Walter van Kalken <walter at vankalken.net>:
> Which ''was'' one of the centers of Waerths activities. Waerth has
> stopped contributing since it was made impossible by Muijz and Wikix as
> they deliberately provocate Waerth by deliberately making edits for
> edits sake. Meanwhile accusing Waerth of not wanting to co-operate.
> Anyone looking at the edits made on Thailand articles in the Dutch
> wikipedia will see that Waerth co-operates in a good manner. And I think
> that the people who also work on Thailand articles in the english
> wikipedia like Ahoerstemeier can attest that waerth co-operates in a
> fine manner.

Then I assume you have never told Ahoerstemeier that he should not be
editing pages on Thailand, I assume?

> I am getting sick and tired of people who edit for edittings sake and
> who only use that as a way to provocate others. And then hold large
> diatribes accusing others of refusing to co-operate.

They edit many articles, and the only time that that is considered a
provocation, is by you when they edit on Thailand. Apparently there is
not just an issue with them, there is an issue with you as well.

> And then to be even
> more provocative use someone's real name which means that someone's real
> name gets slaundered all over the internet.

Apparently it's okay when you or someone who you like does it, but if
it's someone you don't like, it's suddenly an act of vandalism that
should be punished with a block. Maybe he's done it before, and maybe
you have told him not to do so, I cannot find that, but I can find
that the connection between your nick and your real name is currently
7 or 8 times on Wikipedia, with none of them created by Wikix, but
instead by Tlc, Walter, Steinbach, Flyingbird, yourself (3 times) and
me in discussion with Verrekijker. None of these seem to have been
considered provocations by you.

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