[Foundation-l] Using someone's real name instead of his wikiname

Walter van Kalken walter at vankalken.net
Mon Aug 21 08:33:02 UTC 2006

Which ''was'' one of the centers of Waerths activities. Waerth has 
stopped contributing since it was made impossible by Muijz and Wikix as 
they deliberately provocate Waerth by deliberately making edits for 
edits sake. Meanwhile accusing Waerth of not wanting to co-operate. 
Anyone looking at the edits made on Thailand articles in the Dutch 
wikipedia will see that Waerth co-operates in a good manner. And I think 
that the people who also work on Thailand articles in the english 
wikipedia like Ahoerstemeier can attest that waerth co-operates in a 
fine manner.

I am getting sick and tired of people who edit for edittings sake and 
who only use that as a way to provocate others. And then hold large 
diatribes accusing others of refusing to co-operate. And then to be even 
more provocative use someone's real name which means that someone's real 
name gets slaundered all over the internet.

I am still waiting for the bloody arbcom which was promised over a year 
ago on nl: but still gets frustrated.


>Waerth has been long enough with the WMF projects not to have asked. I just
>checked, he did and as could have been expected it is a well known
>"gentleman" who should know better that is again at it being his "gracious"
>self. Not only does he refuse the reasonable request not to name names, he
>ends his diatribe with a promise to scrutinize the articles on Thailand
>which is one of the centers of gravity of Waerth's activities. In my opinion
>this can not be seen as anything but a deliberate provocation of Mr Muijz.
>     GerardM
>On 8/21/06, James Hare <messedrocker at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Have you tried asking him to stop?
>>On 8/21/06, Walter van Kalken <walter at vankalken.net> wrote:
>>>On the Dutch wikipedia there is a user who is constantly using my real
>>>name in discussions instead of my wikiname. Although my real name is
>>>widely known, I do not wish that it is used on the wiki in discussions.
>>>One of the reasons is Google's indexing the other reason is my real name
>>>is known only by people who have been on the wiki for a long time.
>>>I am using my wiki alternate name for a reason. I feel that this user is
>>>violating my privacy by constantly using my real name instead of the
>>>name under which I edit. Is this a violation of our wiki privacy policy?
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