[Foundation-l] Using someone's real name instead of his wikiname

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 08:29:08 UTC 2006

Andre Engels wrote:
> 2006/8/21, GerardM <gerard.meijssen at gmail.com>:
>> Hoi,
>> Waerth has been long enough with the WMF projects not to have asked. I just
>> checked, he did and as could have been expected it is a well known
>> "gentleman" who should know better that is again at it being his "gracious"
>> self. Not only does he refuse the reasonable request not to name names, he
>> ends his diatribe with a promise to scrutinize the articles on Thailand
>> which is one of the centers of gravity of Waerth's activities. In my opinion
>> this can not be seen as anything but a deliberate provocation of Mr Muijz.
> A diatribe which was based on Waerth's refusal to accept any edits by
> Muijz on Thailand-related articles. Who is being unreasonable here,
> the user who decides to specifically try to improve the articles that
> another user has made, or the user who reverts any and all edits by a
> certain user to an article he has created?
I am blissfully unaware of all the ins and outs of the quarrels at the 
nl.wikipedia. The issue at hand is the use of names. That is what I had 
a look at and frankly it was not a surprise to see Muijz as one of the 
parties in this. He has his reputation and he lives up to this 
reputation. The part of the discussion I read was on the use of real 
names, I believe you where you say that there is a history to it. It 
does not change the issue; it shows lack of civility to name names on 


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