Cloud September 2021
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[Cloud-announce] [Toolforge] Some tools broken by upstream Let's Encrypt certificate changes
by Bryan Davis
2 weeks, 2 days

[Cloud-announce] abuse_filter_log.afl_filter column will be dropped from the wiki replicas views on 2021-10-06
by Michael DiPietro
2 weeks, 5 days

Python upgrade on the Toolforge
by Huji Lee
2 weeks, 5 days

[Cloud-announce] Eliminating Debian Stretch in Cloud VPS
by Andrew Bogott
2 weeks, 6 days

Bots and tools need to upgrade to Pywikibot 6.6.1
by Kunal Mehta
3 weeks, 3 days

Validating multiple usernames?
by Roy Smith
1 month, 1 week

[Cloud-announce] Update in time for PAWS Kubernetes Upgrade
by Michael DiPietro
1 month, 1 week
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