Analytics August 2016
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Beeline as Hive client
by Madhumitha Viswanathan
3 years, 7 months

Wikipedia aggregate clickstream data released
by Dario Taraborelli
4 years, 4 months

Getting search engine terms for specific wikibook?
by Lars Noodén
5 years, 8 months

Request stream data set for cache tuning
by Daniel Berger
5 years, 9 months

WikiConference North America - Submissions deadline Aug 31
by Andrew Lih
5 years, 9 months

5 years, 9 months

pageview counts on page redirects
by Aubrey Rembert
5 years, 9 months

Analysing link
by Jan Dittrich
5 years, 9 months

Java daemons restart on the Hadoop cluster (security upgrades)
by Luca Toscano
5 years, 9 months

Weigh in on whether to finalize intro to "Committee" section of Code of Conduct
by Matthew Flaschen
5 years, 9 months
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