[Wikitext-l] Parser now available in svn repository

Andreas Jonsson andreas.jonsson at kreablo.se
Mon Aug 30 07:07:40 UTC 2010

2010-08-28 05:01, Mingli Yuan skrev:
> Great news!
> Just an advice: could you commit the code into github? So we can fork 
> it, play with and contribute back easily.
> Svn is not as convenient as git and the mediawiki svn repository is 
> too large.
> Free software should be really free, not be bounded in a centralized 
> repository. :-)
I too like git, and I often use it locally even if the central
repository is using a different system; checking out a source tree
from subversion right into a git working directory works pretty well
for me.

I don't really have a strong preference on which system to use.  It
just seemed approprate to put it on mediawiki.org.

Github seems very nice, though, so maybe I'll reconsider.  But free
software is also not depending on any single person, so if you or
someone else would like to take an initiative and setup a repository
with a project page and issue tracker, I would be happy to support

Best regards,


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