[Wikisource-l] List of WS domains with author namespace

Billinghurst billinghurst at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 12:05:53 UTC 2010

ThomasV kindly pointed me to the page
Thank you sir.

I find the following


which I will code into place

interestingly for the language component of 
the main part of 
I only find the following languages in place

|en=[[Wikisource]] has a page about this at: 
|es=Verlo en [[Wikisource]] :
|fi=[[:fi:Wikiaineisto|Wikiaineistossa]] on 
aiheesta lisää seuraavalla sivulla:
|fr=Voir sur [[Wikisource]] :
|it=[[Wikisource]] ha una pagina su questo 
|nds=Op [[Wikisource]] gifft dat dor ok wat 
|pr=Veja-lo no [[Wikisource]] :
|vec=Varda su [[Wikisource]]:

so some wikis may wish update that.

Regards, Andrew

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