[Wikisource-l] A side by side list of namespace for all WS wikis?

Billinghurst billinghurst at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 04:28:21 UTC 2010

I am just playing with the {{wikisource}} template at Commons, looking to update it so 
that we can more readily have direct links to Author: namespace authors.

Then thinking a little further, I thought that it would be useful to have the same 
template be able to do available for each language WS wiki. Then I hit a hurdle, no ready 
list of xxWS wikis, and no list of which domains use which namespace, eg. 
* en uses Author:
* fr uses Auteur:

It would be fantastic if someone could generate a list and have it available on meta or 
one of the wikis where we could reference said information.  If we could, it would be 
great if it was done with wiki domains across the top as columns and the namespace as 
rows, as that makes it copy & pasteable. [Probably also worth having it updated on a 
regular basis.]

On a similar vein, it doesn't seem obvious to me where we cross coordinate activities, is 
it only via this mailing list?  Having to individually check wiki seems terribly old-
fashioned, and if we design things for Commons, we should be looking to share them.

Regards, Andrew

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