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Cecil cecilatwp at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 03:29:34 UTC 2009

Sorry, to once again start the same topic on this mailing list, but the last
discussion ended without bringing a solution for the German wikisource

To bring back to your memory what this is about: German community wants to
be able to allow IPs to also do proofreading as they could do before ThomasV
disabled this a few weeks ago and declared that he will not programm
solutions for German WS anymore:

*Even if I am not willing to program an extra solution for de.ws,
I know that some de.ws admins are perfectly able to program the
solution they want. They do not need me for that. They know it.

So after weeks of following IPs to update the status for them finally
another programmer decided to help and started to look through ThomasVs
code. He created a patch which would by default disallow IPs from
proofreading, but in case that a community trusts his IPs would give them
the change to locally configure the extension so that IPs can once again

So this patch seemed like a great solution. It would not change anything for
any of the other Wikisources (unless they want it). But our programmer has
no access to SVN and can't upload the patch himself and so we once again
stand in front of a block: ThomasV is not willing to accept this patch
(which probably means that even if our programmer would be able to update
the code ThomasV would revert the patch).

So I would like to know the opinion from the other communities. Is it
acceptable for you to add a patch that does not change anything in your
system or would you prefer that the German community forks?

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