[Wikipedia-l] Re: Sanger's memoirs

lmsanger at sbcglobal.net lmsanger at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 20 11:42:14 UTC 2005

Mark Williamson wrote:

> It's a good thing you're back, Larry.
> I had begun to tire of Phil Sandifer's endless attacks on 
> your character. I don't believe these will continue in your presence.
> Welcome back
> Mark

Thanks, Mark, but I'm not back.  I just joined the list to correct Jimmy on
that one point.  I don't know who Phil Sandifer is, I don't know what he's
been saying, and frankly I don't care.  Phil, whoever he is, may carry on!
The truth will out, eventually.  I am disappointed if I still have such
vocal detractors among Wikipedians (that, by the way, would be another one
of my coinages--for that matter, I set up this list), but frankly, I'm not
surprised, either.

*cackle, cackle*



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