[Wikipedia-l] Idea for a new Wikipedia

pentiumforever at email.de pentiumforever at email.de
Sat Apr 16 18:05:37 UTC 2005

>This idea comes up regularly every three weeks, on the german mailing 
>list, addressed to the german info team, on meta, or wherever else.
>Proposing projects is fine - are you actually willing to work on it and 
>help to build it? How much experience do you have with children and wikis?

Yes I'm willing to work on it much time i have definitely for the next 4 Months!

What do you mean with experience with children? Me self I'm only 16 years old and I have done a school projekt for one year every week 2 hours in a kindergarten!

Wiki exoerince i have with the German Wikipedia and the Wiki of a Open source Application with a own Wiki (own Server) I have only a verry littel experience!


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