[Wikipedia-l] Re: Wikimedia Foundation Internal Radio System (Re: Foundation news)

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 10 16:16:15 UTC 2005

Walter Vermeir a écrit:
> Anthere schreef:
>>The announcement list was just set up very recently (2 weeks I think),
>>so is still in setting up stage (but please register).
> Do you mean this list?
> http://mail.wikipedia.org/mailman/listinfo/announce-l
> It is created in November 2002 whiteout success.

I am not talking of the announcement for Wikipedia, but of a list which 
will allow editors to ultimately receive Quarto by mail.

> A idea for project wide communication;
> Wikimedia Foundation Internal Radio System
> The idea is to make a short internal news journal about stuff related to
> Wikimedia and her projects.
> I think whit a audio "newsletter" you will get a bigger audience. Users
> will also quicker get involved I think.
> Not a real internet radio. Only one "program" of a couple of minutes
> every week. That is important, that there is always on a fix date a new
> version. If not it will be dead very soon.
> And the broadcast is only the posting of a url to the Ogg Vorbis file.
> The can be done on the Foundation-l list and the Wiki's.
> To start it could be a "Word of the Chief".  Every week a short voice
> message from Jimbo about what he is doing this week and past week
> regarding Wikimedia. If it successful there can be also some
> intervention done by people form the different projects to tell about
> news form there wiki. Or a message form a developer about how the
> hosting situation is doing and changes to the software. That type of stuff.
> But to start a very small and basic message from Jimbo. Like you would
> say something in a voice mailbox. Nothing fancy.
> Walter

Why not... but this will be then limited to those able to understand 
english Walter. We always reach the same point :
do it in quick, have fresh news, but restricted to english speaking audience
take the time to translate and run the risk to be outdated.

I know not any solution :-(

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