[Wikipedia-l] Re: wikipedia in China

Delirium delirium at hackish.org
Fri Sep 24 02:45:48 UTC 2004

Anthere wrote:

> Is that censorship ?
> Well... self-censorship, perhaps.
> But
> * the day clitoris pictures are put on the english wikipedia without 
> causing an uproar (because clitoris are shoking and might get 
> wikipedia censored in schools)
> * the day we can put ethnic statistics on the french wikipedia without 
> causing an uproar (because "races" do not exist and publishing stats 
> might get wikipedia shut down for publishing illegal information)

You should note that the clitoris pictures currently are, and have been 
for upwards of a year, included in the English Wikipedia.

Also, nobody has seriously suggested removing them: the argument has 
been over whether to have them inline or linked.  There is no measurable 
support for actually suppressing their availability, so I don't see the 
similarity---they will be there in some shape or form regardless of 
which side in the argument prevails.


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