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Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 23 21:53:57 UTC 2004

I agree with this again.

I also think, in the long run, it is worth to drop a couple of topics, 
or at least to try not to focus to strongly on them, rather than having 
the whole project blocked.

Is that censorship ?

Well... self-censorship, perhaps.

* the day clitoris pictures are put on the english wikipedia without 
causing an uproar (because clitoris are shoking and might get wikipedia 
censored in schools)
* the day we can put ethnic statistics on the french wikipedia without 
causing an uproar (because "races" do not exist and publishing stats 
might get wikipedia shut down for publishing illegal information)

we can talk again about self-censorship :-)

Note that I am not saying they should not be npov within articles.


Christopher Mahan a écrit:
> --- Fred Bauder <fredbaud at ctelco.net> wrote:
>>Stan is being sarcastic, but how would that article be handled?
> Like I said, no article. 
> We're building an encyclopedia, not an activist website.
> You have to realize that there are reasons the chinese government
> suppresses news. Just as there are in every country.
> In the US, for example, the press is not supposed to show grossly
> mutilated bodies. Also, they are not allowed to release the names of
> underage rape victims. Why is that? Because it endangers and upsets
> people. 
> Just because we're npov does not mean that we can't work within the
> legal frameworks of various countries.
> I would say that if there was an article which talked about computing
> in china, and the article was well-written, balanced, showing on the
> one hand how computer enthusiasts have "pushed the envelope" and how
> the government "reins them in", I might see a blurb about the subject
> at hand.
> Let's not forget that the US has draconian laws regarding online
> behavior and that many people around the world can't understand why
> we put up with them. It's our way, it's not perfect, but it works ok.
> Likewise the chinese way.
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