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--- Stan Shebs <shebs at apple.com> wrote:

> And ditto for the Tiananmen square articles, since only a couple
> thousand
> people died, after all - hardly any at all, percentagewise!

No, not ditto for the Tiananmen stuff. Yes it's horrible, but did you
know that a 1850 rebellion cause 50 million deaths in China? Where's
that article? 

Look at the whole filtering of internet content in america's school
and libraries. It's been raging now for a while, with no end in
sight. But nobody gets killed. Let's keep things in perspective.

> While we're at it, I think there are a bunch of other governments
> who would like us to remove certain articles. We could surpass
> "neutral point of view" by being "completely neutered"...

Yes, the US government (bombmaking, etc) , the UK government (a very
recent letter on this very mailing list, or is it the other? about
the academy for gifted kids), the French government (Nazi stuff),
etc. These are the Enlightened countries, with a history seeped in
freedom of speech and protection from government interference. 

If you want to take the fight for freedom, look no further than your
own local city hall, and let the Chinese deal with their 1.3 billion
people (perspective: That's more people than North America and Europa
combined). Doing anything else will invariably bring accusations of

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