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Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 06:31:06 UTC 2004

--- Andreas Hoerstemeier <ahoerstemeier at spamcop.net> wrote:

> Gerard Meijssen wrote:
> So I wonder why [[meta:Wikispecies]] did not exist until yesterday? So 
> there was absolutely no discussion of Wikispecies outside this mailing 
> list - considering the controversy experienced here it feels strange 
> that the creation of Wikispecies wasn't delayed until at least 
> non-mailinglist Wikipedians had *a chance* to add their comment. Meta 
> would also be the correct place to do the definition phase, after which 
> a full proposal which addressed the worries of it being a fork would be 
> there.

Yes - that is the way it *should* be. Creating a wiki for discussion and
panning about a proposed Wikimedia project is very odd since that is part of
what Meta is for. 
> After the immidiate uproar on the mailing list about the proposal went 
> silent *without consensus* I would have expected to see a summary of 
> that discussion on Meta, addressing the concerns by the proponents, and 
> inviting more discussion by posting a note on Goings On, Village Pump, 
> ToL talk page (and similar pages for the non-english WPs), instead of 
> setting facts by creating the Wiki directly - so I can fully understand 
> Mav's surprise and anger.

In the future would should procede more or less as you suggest. 

-- mav

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