[Wikipedia-l] Re: Wikigeology and other future projects

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 05:35:43 UTC 2004

Michael Snow a écrit:
> Daniel Mayer wrote:
> The community's real decisions are often not made in these discussions, 
> or in the pronouncements of the Board, but because people "vote with 
> their feet", or in this case their hands at the keyboard. That is why 
> all this debate, however acrimonious, is not really decisive in saying 
> there is or is not a consensus for Wikispecies. The consensus will only 
> be seen over time, and is sometimes easier to find by listening and 
> watching than by arguing. Our representatives on the Board try hard to 
> do that, though perhaps they might have deliberated a little longer and 
> done more to prepare the ground for this new project.
> --Michael Snow

By the way, are people happy that the "wikicommons" started ?
There was so much unhappiness because it was taking *so long* ?


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