[Wikipedia-l] Re: wikispecies

Stan Shebs shebs at apple.com
Wed Sep 15 18:23:24 UTC 2004

Gerard Meijssen wrote:

> Well, I can remember that I have tried my darndest to get the 
> en:wikipedia resource "Three of Life" to consider working towards a 
> unified Taxobox that is acceptable to *all* Wikipedia. I was basically 
> ignored with the argument, "see our arguments in the archives it was a 
> hard slug to get this far we do not want any more of this". I have 
> presented arguments about things that were wrong for 
> internationalisation eg [[Animal]]ia in stead of [[Animalia]], I 
> stated that the mentioning of "Bionominal name" does not add anything 
> as it is inherent in "Scientific classification". The only result was 
> "we have voted on this, this is our consensus".
So the executive summary I get out of this is "people on en: didn't
like my ideas, so I want to make a separate wiki".

That's why we're concerned about forking; the underlying reasons
seem to be interpersonal conflicts in existing wikis, rather than
a clearcut difference in content.

It would be great to have a common store for language-independent
information, but not only is there a commons to serve just that role,
but without higher-powered database and wiki machinery than is
currently available or being worked on, wikispecies is inevitably
going to be another pile of per-language data that partly duplicates
wikipedia content. Then the board will be faced with the really
enjoyable decision of whether to perpetuate the fork or put an end
to it...


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