[Wikipedia-l] Re: The Board -> Mav's disgust

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 15 14:07:30 UTC 2004

John Lee a écrit:
> It was just an example. I was citing the English Wikipedia as an example
> because I frequent it the most, but my point was, why was such a useful
> change not mentioned anywhere on any Wikipedia? (I didn't even ask for
> the discussions to occur on any particular language's Wikipedia - that
> was putting words in my mouth.) Wouldn't announcing it make changes go
> more smoothly? I never implied this should be discussed on any
> Wikipedia. Note that the English Community Portal often links to meta
> discussions. If the change is as useful (or not) as it is, it should
> have at least been linked to on every Wikipedia so that people could
> have a chance to weigh in at meta, or at least be informed.

There are 50 active wikipedias. Between Jimbo, Angela and I, we only 
manage 2 languages. We could go up to 15 languages by using google 
translations probably.
I do not think it would be very efficient that Angela and I go in turn 
on 25 wikipedias each of us to add a paragraph poorly translated to 
explain what is currently going on.
Perhaps a more efficient way would be that people interested register to 
the appropriate mailing list, or that simply, some people take the time 
to make the information travel.

> As for clandestine activities, that was another, well, I think you can
> only call it strawmanning. I never mentioned their names - I think
> highly of Jimbo and Angela (I don't know Anthere well enough). It's just
> rather odd and a bit annoying that the majority of editors who could and
> would benefit from this still aren't informed, because they don't
> subscribe to the mailing list.

Strawmanning... hummm.
Clandestine activities...hummm.
Let's see.
You can follow our activities everyday on meta : 
on wikimediafoundation : http://wikimedia.org/wiki/Special%3ARecentchanges
on the mailing list
on the foundation mailing list (please, register :-))

And on irc.freenode.net, #wikimedia.
I must be actively connected 6 to 8 hours a day
Angela even more because she has an online job, while I cant connect 
from my job
Jimbo is there everyday as well
And these past weeks, Tim is there everyday

Also, we are currently working very hard to keep you all informed of 
what we do, through a newsletter. It should be published in a few day : 

I do think the accusation of clandestine activities is very unpleasant. 
Even if people here think we did the wrong thing, even if you do not 
know me, I would hope that you assume we acted in good faith.

As far as I am concerned, I am all opened on any suggestion on what to 
do to improve public awareness on what we do. I am also opened to any 
suggestion on how information may circulate among all of us. I am also 
opened to any offer to help us for any topic.

> Gerard Meijssen wrote:
>> John Lee wrote:
>>> The sentiment is dittoed here. I don't have a clue what all this 
>>> hoo-ha is about, but that fact alone seems to suggest that something 
>>> clandestine occurred. From what I understand, this is something that, 
>>> if worked out correctly, *could* be beneficial to all the Wikipedias. 
>>> So why haven't I heard anything about this on en.wikipedia.org? It's 
>>> not even on the Community Portal. And the fact that someone as 
>>> even-headed as mav is even thinking about quitting makes me wonder 
>>> just what's going on.
>>> John Lee
>>> ([[User:Johnleemk]] on En)
>>> Christopher Mahan wrote:
>>>> <snip>
>> Not hearing things on en:wikipedia is akin to not hearing it on 
>> nl:wikipedia. En:wikipedia may be the biggest wikipedia, it is not the 
>> platform for discussions regarding Mediawiki. It is Meta's purpose to 
>> discuss these things. The suggestion that something "clandestine" 
>> occured does speak of little respect for the integrity of people like 
>> Jimbo, Angela, Anthere ..
>> Thanks,
>>  GerardM

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