[Wikipedia-l] unnecessary "forks"

Stan Shebs shebs at apple.com
Mon Aug 30 15:48:20 UTC 2004

Anthony DiPierro wrote:

>>No it is not since the Commons is a common place to host data and files
>>are used by more than one wiki. It therefore helps to bind us together,
>>divide us.
>It was my understanding that Wikispecies is to be a common place to host
>species data that is used by more than one wiki.  So why doesn't Wikispecies
>help to bind us together?
I think people are using "data" to mean different things. If it
means language-independent data (maximum recorded length, say),
along with a way to splice it into each language's article, then
great, it would be just as beneficial as sharing images; each
language WP would get consistent statistics, which would eliminate
a major maintenance load, and speed creation of articles for all
the languages - just mention the common taxobox, or common general
characteristics, and boom, Bulgarian gets content just as good
as English.

If Wikispeces data means quasi-articles with text in some language,
that has much more undesirable forking potential.


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