[Wikipedia-l] unnecessary "forks"

Gerard Meijssen gja.meijssen at chello.nl
Mon Aug 30 15:47:31 UTC 2004

Anthony DiPierro wrote:

>>No it is not since the Commons is a common place to host data and files
>>are used by more than one wiki. It therefore helps to bind us together,
>>divide us.
>It was my understanding that Wikispecies is to be a common place to host
>species data that is used by more than one wiki.  So why doesn't Wikispecies
>help to bind us together?
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Wikispecies will be a common place to host bioligical data that will be 
available to all wikiresources. It will help to bind the scientific 
world and the wikiworld together. Data like the scientific text to 
describe a taxon. Discussions on the merits of a particular phenomenon, 
scientific research data and papers that have no place in an encyclopedy 
will be in WikiSpecies.

It is a fallacy to think WikiSpecies will be less available than 
WikiCommons. WikiSpecies will host scientific data, it will be accecible 
from within WikiMedia. Technically there is no reason for it to be 
otherwise. With WikiScience outside of WikiMedia you are correct, that 
is however the least beneficial option for both worlds.

Again, Wikipedia is not only en:wikipedia. En:ToL is currently a 
resource that is limited to en:. I wish this was not true, I wish the 
en:ToL is open to other wikipedia. The arguments that WikiSpecies is a 
fork are the same arguments that keep en:ToL a fork of Taxonominal 
information within Wikipedia.


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