[Wikipedia-l] Developers needed!

Benedikt Mandl benedikt.mandl at gmx.at
Mon Aug 23 21:08:58 UTC 2004

> For a wikispecies, I would expect to be able to click on the Kingdom
> (Animala), Phylum (Chordata), Subphylum (Vertebrata), and so on so I can
> narrow down progressively to homo sapiens, homo neanderthalensis, homo
> erectus, etc., and on the each further down level (i.e. Chordata, then
> Vertebrata), the most notable species would have higher links on that
> page.
> Is that what you mean by category?
> James
Yes, partly. A taxonomic order should be one very important aspect, but
there are plenty of other ways to set up a order for species; by size; by
distribution; by behaviour, etc. The organisation of a database is ideal for
a cross-linked, highly specific search.


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