[Wikipedia-l] Re(4):Developers needed!

Benedikt Mandl benedikt.mandl at gmx.at
Mon Aug 23 18:43:50 UTC 2004

Would the new project be GFDL? Would it be easy to transfer contents 
to/from Wikipedia? How would we ensure that effort is not duplicated 
between the two projects? Do you have suggestions for improvements to 
the ToL project?

I understand that the information collected by the ToL project will indeed
overlap to a big extent with the wikispecies directory, but that might turn
out as an advantage rather than a disadvantage. As you said, the ToL
presents information in a prosaic way as it is suitable for an encyclopedia.
If wikispecies should become a reference for all users (including
scientists), however, there are some points you need to consider:

1.) A clear sturcture as the one presented previously would be crucial for a
specific (mind the play on words - specific) search; and that is imortant to
attract professional users

2.) The sheer amount and uniformness of the bio-data would justify a
separate access to the information

3.) A separate platform does NOT mean that wikispecies will have to be
segregated from the wikipedia. Rather the opposite: wikispecies websites
should use the same layout and should be accessible from wikipedia by normal
search. More advanced users, however, would search with more detailed tools
from the "wikispecies.org" portal.

So far, the ToL is ambitous, but doesn't serve the purpose of a wikispecies
that should be organised in taxonomic terms and trees and deal exclusively
for biological contents. 

It is not meant to compete with wikipedia, but rather branch out of it
without being a separate unit. I am looking forward to your support! By the
way: most people who already assured me of their support were people who
work as authors for wikipedia in bio-related subjects. Best,


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