[Wikipedia-l] RE(2): Developers needed!

Benedikt Mandl benedikt.mandl at gmx.at
Mon Aug 23 13:22:47 UTC 2004

> I'm all for it - sounds pretty cool.  Could there possibly be redirects
> from
> the Wikipedia to the Wikispecies, or vice versa?  Then Wikispecies could
> hold all the species info, and free up wikipedia space for other stuff
> (don't know what, but it could).  Would it be like current wikis as in
> en.wikispecies.org, de.wikispecies.org, ang.wikispecies.org?  
> If you put up an Anglo-Saxon wikispecies, I'll give you a lot of info! 
> James
I think that a multi-lingual approach would serve best for the wikipedia - 
idea and it would be useful as the species directory would target for any 
user and not exclusivly for scientists. 

Re-directs would be good, as I e-mailed Jimbo before and would want the 
Wikispecies to be a proper wikimedia project. The next step would be to 
set up a website with the inital tools on a wikimedia server. 

I have no clue about how at all, but Magnus' suggestions sound very 
sensible to me. I got www.wikispecies.org and can re-direct the URL at any 
time the demo-system is set up.

Who could do that or knows how?



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