[Wikipedia-l] Does anyone knows the beginning of ja?

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     Yes, I did write the first article on Japanese, but it was on the English wikipedia. It is located, in much enhanced form at:


It is one of the first 100 or so articles in the English Wikipedia. I did not, however, have anything to do with the Japanese wikipedia.

I hope this helps...

                       As Ever,

                           Ruth Ifcher



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> Hello. 
> An email arrived at japanese wikipedia's press contact 
> mailinglist regarding Web Creation Award. It is an award 
> given to people who made significant difference in the web 
> in Japan. The host of the award is an association of 
> advertisers, though the recipients of the awards are not 
> limited to marketing campaign planners. Wikipedia is under 
> consideration because someone made a recommendation. :-) 
> As a part of selection process, they would like to do 
> some interview. The person who emailed us expressed that 
> he would like to find the person who started the Japanese 
> Wikipedia, someone who came up with the idea, plan, or 
> determination. Who exactly this is, I think, is somewhat up 
> to interpretation. Is there any strong candidate? 
> I recall reading early Wikipedia-l posting (perhaps by Larry and/or Jason) 
> announcing the launch of several non-English Wikipedia 
> circa May 2001. Japanese Wikipedia was among the first 
> ones. Is there anybody who remembers how that happened? 
> Was multilingualization of Wikipedia an idea of Jimmy 
> and Larry from the beginning? Or was there someone else 
> who suggested/ pushed for it? Is there any reason why 
> Japanese was among the first? 
> In the early days, Aoineko was kind of "stationed" when 
> there was only several edits a week, and welcomed the 
> logged on users (there were only several back then) if 
> I understand correct. Brion was there to fix bugs and 
> take care of other technical aspects, too. The first 
> article seems to have been written by RoseParks (phonemes 
> of Japanese). But there are only fragmental traces and 
> virtually nobody knows those early days. Could somebody 
> inform us of people who made significant contributions? 
> Thank you in advance for your help. 
> Regards, 
> Tomos 
> More info. is available on the award at here (in Japanese): 
> http://award.wab.ne.jp/award/index.html 
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