[Wikipedia-l] personal threats again

Steven Melenchuk crazyr2 at shaw.ca
Sat Aug 14 03:28:23 UTC 2004

This doesn't seem to be the first time this anon has come up in a 
dispute - see some of the text at [[Talk:Azerbaijan]], [[Talk:South 
Azerbaijan]], etc. for details. I'm currently in the process of talking 
with this user about his apparent dispute and asking him to provide 
evidence for his claims. In the meantime I suggest you attempt not to, 
shall we say, "fuel his argument". Hopefully this will not escalate any 
further than it already has...


Roozbeh Pournader wrote:

>Recently, an anonymous user only writing on talk pages has started
>attacking me heavily on the Persian Wikipedia (and also a little on
>the English one). He has also threatened me on the Persian Wikipedia
>with "I will start a war, both here and on the English Wikipedia. I
>will also get you kicked out of the Persian Academy" and things like
>that, and has ridiculed us by saying that blocking his IP address
>won't stop him, as he is using dynamic addresses.  This is some of his
>more polite wording (in English), where he is calling me a "wild dog":
>Unfortunately, there is only one other admin on the Persian Wikipedia
>besides me, I will not have access to the Internet for some time
>starting this Wednesday, and the process for electing a few new admin
>won't end until at least two weeks (and there are not so many eligible
>candidates either).
>Any recommendations?
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