[Wikipedia-l] Text-to-speech

Magnus Manske magnus.manske at web.de
Fri Aug 13 08:24:17 UTC 2004


I just found an AT&T demo site for text-to-speech synthesis:


which appears to generate *way* better speech than I got from other 
(local installation) demos.

They want to sell it, of course, but I thought we should ask them for a 
cooperation. This would be the ultimate demonstration for their software 
(better than a million people typing "this is a test"), and it could 
enable us to provide access to the "visually impaired" without the need 
for a local text-to-speech browser, and with better speech quality. Or 
it could be a "convenience link", like "read this article to me, I'm too 
lazy to move my eyes" (or: wikipedia for mp3 players? ;-)

As Wikipedia has a good and innovative image, and since we wouldn't buy 
their product anyway, I guess AT&T would be interested in such a thing. 
Question is, would we?


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