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Pablo Saratxaga pablo at mandrakesoft.com
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On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 05:22:24PM -0400, Adam Bishop wrote:

> Most importantly, you should start off by making some guidelines about what 
> should and should not be included.  The Latin wikipedia is pretty old and 
> only recently has there been a concerted effort to give it some direction - 
> I think any new wikipedia in a dead language would benefit from having the 
> rules first.

Not dead languages, but languages with a small speaking community.
While for some languages there are hundreds of thousands of articles;
for languages with much smaller communities it isn't realist to hope
to achieve such amount in a near future, so giving some focus could
help to have some completness on that focussed area.

> For example, you would (I assume) want to have articles about Anglo-Saxon 
> related topics, but will people also want to write about unrelated 
> subjects? Will the stereotypical Pokemon article be allowed?

Of course it must be allowed; if not, then it shouldn't be a wikipedia
but a different project (like wikibook).
Not focused doesn't mean forbidden.

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