[Wikipedia-l] Re: Re: [bhorrocks at npg.org.uk: National Portrait Gallery images on Wikipedia website]

Michael Snow wikipedia at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 5 05:01:14 UTC 2004

Brion Vibber wrote:

> Michael Snow wrote:
>> All the more reason for us to get the new upload form up and running, 
>> so that people have to say what the source for an image is up front, 
>> instead of us chasing them down after the fact to find out where they 
>> got it. What are we waiting for at this point?
> I'll just point out that people already have to say where they got 
> their images from. You people *are* deleting images without source 
> information, right? 

Well, the way I would put it is that people are _supposed to_ give the 
source, but I find it difficult to say they _have to_ when the current 
upload form doesn't require it. As far as I know, at least on en:, image 
deletion is focused on images that are obsolete and no longer needed. I 
don't think much is being deleted for lacking source information, and 
some new images are still being uploaded without source information.

My recollection of Jimbo's previous pronouncements on this issue is that 
it he made it pretty clear that noncommercial-use-only images are out of 
the question. But beyond that, with respect to images that are poorly 
documented or debatable for other reasons like fair use, I had the 
impression that we shouldn't start the deletion binge until all the 
uploaders were clear about the policy, and had time to correct their 
mistakes. As a result, I've been waiting for a new upload form before 
actively pushing for deletion of undocumented images.

--Michael Snow

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