[Wikipedia-l] WikiReader Internet

Thomas R. Koll tomk32 at gmx.de
Tue Apr 6 22:54:43 UTC 2004

Hi everybody,
Six weeks ago I've started working on a German WikiReader on the topic
Internet. Today I've finished it with a impressing result of 164 pages
on DIN A5 (about 17cm x 13cm), a total of 486 registered users worked on
the 116 articles which can be found in the Reader.

Despite not everybody on wikipedia-l may understand German you should
consider this annoncement as a challenge for an English, Japanese, French
or Esperanto WikiReader to be annonced next time.

Contents of the WikiReader:
PDF: http://download.wikipedia.de/wikireader/WikiReader_Internet.pdf
OO.o: http://download.wikipedia.de/wikireader/WikiReader%20Internet.tar.bz2

My plan for the next WikiReader is one on Open Source which has to be
released until the WOS3 in Berlin June 2004. A tight timetable, but
possible after most of the conent is already written.

The WikiReader after will be a WikiReader on the city of Athens.
That one must be done until June, the Olympic Games start in July.
I'd be happy if someone from Greece would join me and deliver content.
The final result should be at least in Greek, English and German.

ciao, tom
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