[Wikipedia-l] Re: Languages: crossing a border?

Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Mon Apr 5 14:07:56 UTC 2004

Erik Moeller <erik_moeller at ...> writes:

> But they don't harm anyone, right? Well, they do clutter the list of  
> interlanguage links, and they do have the potential to harm our reputation  
> as a serious project. When a professional historian reads our article  
> about the Holocaust, and there's a "Klingon" link right next to Japanese,  
> that might be seriously off-putting. Especially if there's also Tolkien's  
> Elvish, and maybe some language from the Buck Rogers universe. I'm sure  
> the furries also have their own languages.

Because whe are using the language links in the language of that language 
visitors will not see "Klingon" but "tlhIngan" (I do not think there is unicode 
support for the real Klingon glyphs http://www.kli.org/pics/piqdemo.gif )

And so for most if not all special languages I do not think anybody will be 
abel to identify them if the do not know the language already. 


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