[Wikipedia-l] Foreign language articles

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Fri Aug 29 05:02:14 UTC 2003

Merritt L. Perkins wrote:

>. There are many expressions and abbreviation that I do not understand
>and don't know where to find an explanation of them.
That's a valid point, but even after a year and a half there are still 
things that I know are in Wikipedia, but are still difficult to find.

>How could I get the hardware and software needed to write languages other
>than English with a computer.?
It sounds as though you need to download the Unicode character set. 
 Additional hardware is likely not be needed

>I am dictating this with Dragons NaturallySpeaking 7 preferred. It is
>available in the five English dialects: US English, UK English,
>Australian English, Indian English, and Southeast Asian English. It is
>supposed to be able to read back what you said, and what it recorded on
>the screen. For some reason I can't get these features t to work. 
>I suggest that when writing an article you should keep in mind that some
>of the readers may be learning the language and so explain some of the
>terms used. 
Dare I ask if there is some reason why you chose to dictate instead of 
type.  It's understandable if you have some kind of physical disability, 
but failing that it sounds like problems waiting to happen.

>When an abbreviation is used the first time explain what it
>stands for in parentheses and perhaps add a footnote explaining what it
>means and a reference to an article on the subject...
I too find many abbreviations cryptic, and often ambiguous.  Not long 
ago we had a dispute based on a misunderstanding over whether LOL meant 
"Laughing out Loud" or "Lots of Love"


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