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Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Thu Aug 21 21:52:29 UTC 2003

Jimmy Wales <jwales at bomis.com> wrote in
news:20030821130355.B456 at joey.bomis.com: 

> donation at wikipedia.org is the correct email
> address to use. 

PayPal is popular but you need a credit card. Those are not very popular in 
Europe. Expensive, unsucre and not very usefull. Most transactions are done  
by bank tranfer and a debet card. 

In the euro-zone you can make a bank transfer from one account to a other 
account in the euro-zone for the same price like a local transfer. That is 
almost always free.

Whit PayPal there are transcation costs and change from currency costs.

A Wikimedia euro bankaccount in euro-zone state can be usefull for 
donations from Europe. No need for a credit card, easy to do, no loss of 
mony; 1 euro donation = 1 euro for Wikimedia. Not 1 euro - x%

Contact: walter AT wikipedia.be
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