[Wikipedia-l] Chronicle scheme

Richard Grevers lists at dramatic.co.nz
Thu Aug 21 00:06:56 UTC 2003

At the moment we run a Current events page which covers an entire month. We 
also have a page for each date which covers significant historical events, 
with greater depth for recent events.
However, neither of these systems has the capacity to allow in depth 
coverage of happenings.
At present the current events page has 10-20 stories per day, and even at 
that rate the page is rather large. Which really limits it to the sort of 
stories that are goign to make world news headlines bulletins, and not the 
sort of place I feel is appropriate to add a smaller story such as, for 
example, the New Zealand Govt. enacting a major revamp of its Trade Mark 
(Of course not all news stories are tied to a significant date, but a large 
proportion are).

So why don't we start a page for each actual day, for example 
20th_August_2003 (please, no flame wars over the date format at this 
stage!). At up to 30kb each these allow plenty of capacity for headlines of 
news stories from all over the world, and the only links we would need on 
the home page would be "Today" "This Week" and "This Month".

It would also allow for more sensible linking of dates in articles - 
instead of linking [[August_20|20th August]] [[2003]] or (whatever it is) 
we could have a single link to that day's page.

Richard Grevers
Between two evils always pick the one you haven't tried

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